It seems that most rappers now a day get into trouble just about every day with the law. Whether its guns, drugs, violence, etc. it sure isn’t helping our society or the hip-hop game. And you will see what I mean after you watch how f*cked up this video is.

So the dude in the Youtube video who was getting beat was in a video of a pair of rappers who claimed to be down with soulja boy. He was beat for apparently talking trash about Soulja and his crew at a Motel 6 in Massachusetts.

Another man said he was pistol whipped by the same 2 guys at a local gas station.

Police arrested Jacorey Dejuan Bryant, 22, who is expected to be charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, robbery, and malicious damage among other charges. Ira Rophiel Malcom Jr. was also taken into custody and is expected to be charged with robbery. Both men were held by the Warwick Police.

Now I don’t get WHY these idiots would post such a video on Youtube for the whole world to see. But beating a innocent man in a small a** motel room, just isn’t cool.

The two suspects were in Massachusetts promoting a rap album under SODMG for soulja boy.